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Engineering and Manufacturing LLC. is dedicated to providing the hydraulic fracturing industry with the most advanced and efficient closed blenders systems.

Condor presently is manufacturing its patented Condor CBP-B-2010 mixing system that outperforms all existing closed and open blender systems presently in use in the industry and will continue to improve and perfect said system.

Condor will also supply 2-D layouts of proven Body loads and Trailer designs of blenders utilizing the Condor mixing system and will continue to facilitate the construction of blenders by all hydraulic fracturing equipment companies in the world.



Condor Engineering and Manufacturing LLC. was incorporated in March 1978 by Jorge Arribau and Russell Dorn to develop and manufacture hydraulic fracturing equipment for the oil industry.

In 1978 Condor introduced the closed blender system that allowed for the introduction of sand on the discharge of a centrifugal pump. This system, known as the Condor “tub” blender. The “tub” blender has been copied by numerous manufacturers and is presently widely used in the Industry. (See Condor “tub” blender section for more details).

Condor Blender Pump


Combination unit

The development of the closed blender allowed to the introduction of the “combination units”.

Blender Frac

The Blender-Frac was a 1050 HHP frac pump mounted on a trailer with a 20 BPM closed blender that proved very suitable for small frac jobs.

Acid Frac

Single power train trailer


In 1979 Condor introduced the most powerful frac unit of the time. The single power train trailer equipped with a KTA1600 HP engine the 1600 Twin Disc transmission and an 1800 HP Gist pump. This was the first unit to outperform the dual power trains unit that was the standard of the time.

In 1981 Condor was purchased by Geo International Corp., a Delaware Corporation. In September 1981 Geo entered the frac business by starting Viking Pumping Services with Jorge Arribau as its President.

Viking entered the market in Texas operating from districts in Bryan and later Longview. Viking had an excellent market penetration in Bryan but shortly after beginning operations in Longview the market crash of 1982 had begun. Viking stopped operations in 1984. Condor was dissolved in 1986.

Eventually all the Viking equipment was purchased by NOWSCO and later by BJ Services.

In 1997 Jorge Arribau had begun working on a new blending system to improve its previously developed closed blender design. The result, after expensive theoretical and experimental work, was a much superior closed blending system that outperforms all existing blending systems.

In 2004 Jorge Arribau restarted Condor Engineering and Manufacturing in order to bring to the market the new patented Condor Mixing System.

Condor remains committed to excellence in design and innovation in concepts to the frac industry.


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